I have a classic ASP page and an MVC3.0 application using Cookieless session.

When user tries to access the ASP page I have to redirect from the asp page to MVC application along with the querystrings . So i have the following code in the ASP page.


Dim sURL

sURL = "/MVC/xyz?" & Request.QueryString



The ASP application and the MVC application are hosted under the same domain. When I try to access the ASP application using http:\domain\wsd.asp it redirects to http:\domain\mvc\xyz\s(xccxzcxzzxczxczxczxxczxc) where s(xccxzcxzzxczxczxczxxczxc) is the session id.

But when i try to access the asp application with some querystring like http:\domain\wsd.asp?querystring=ffg it doesn't redirect to the MVC application and throws an error Internet explorer cannot display the webpage.

However when i use the url http:\domain\mvc\xyz?querystring=ffg directly into the browser, it properly redirects by appending sessionid to the url.

When i make my MVC application to use Session with Cookies, the redirection from asp with or withoout querystrings works fine.

Please help me with this issue.



Add cookieless key and set it to UseCookies

<authentication mode="Forms">
  <forms loginUrl="~/YourLoginUrl" timeout="2880" cookieless="UseCookies" />

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