I am trying to get tweets via hbc-twitter4j-v3 . Example code is : https://github.com/twitter/hbc/blob/master/hbc-example/src/main/java/com/twitter/hbc/example/Twitter4jSampleStreamExample.java For enabling authentication on proxy, I have also set system properties for host,port and authentication. But it is showing following error-

[main] INFO com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.BasicClient - New connection executed: hosebird-client-0, endpoint: /1.1/statuses/sample.json?delimited=length&stall_warnings=true
[hosebird-client-io-thread-0] INFO com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.ClientBase - hosebird-client-0 Establishing a connection
[main] INFO com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.BasicClient - Stopping the client: hosebird-client-0, endpoint: /1.1/statuses/sample.json?delimited=length&stall_warnings=true
[main] INFO com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.ClientBase - hosebird-client-0 exit event - Stopped by user: waiting for 5000 ms
[main] WARN com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.ClientBase - hosebird-client-0 Client thread failed to finish in 5000 millis
[main] INFO com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.BasicClient - Successfully stopped the client: hosebird-client-0, endpoint: /1.1/statuses/sample.json?delimited=length&stall_warnings=true
[hosebird-client-io-thread-0] WARN com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.ClientBase - hosebird-client-0 Unknown host - stream.twitter.com
[hosebird-client-io-thread-0] WARN com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.ClientBase - hosebird-client-0 failed to establish connection properly
[hosebird-client-io-thread-0] INFO com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.ClientBase - hosebird-client-0 Done processing, preparing to close connection
[hosebird-client-io-thread-0] INFO com.twitter.hbc.httpclient.ClientBase - hosebird-client-0 Shutting down httpclient connection manager

Any help?? Thanks in advance


Hopefully I haven't overlooked something but this is how it appears to me...

If by setting properties you mean the http.proxy* ones, I don't think it will work as hosebird-client uses Apache's HTTP client under the hood which doesn't seem to use them.

From a cursory glance at the code, specifically around the ClientBuilder, it doesn't look like hbc supports proxy configuration - perhaps they have a good reason not to or just don't need the feature themselves, maybe try requesting it?

It looks like one of the ways you can get HttpClient to use a proxy is by adding it to the HttpParams object, e.g.:

HttpParams params = ...
HttpHost proxy = new HttpHost(hostname, port);
params.setParameter(ConnRoutePNames.DEFAULT_PROXY, proxy);

Whilst the HttpParams object isn't exposed anywhere you could potentially extend the ClientBuilder in order to supply your proxy configuration. If you look at the ClientBuilder#build() method, you can see where the HttpParams object is being set up. Good luck!

EDIT: Additionally, this issue indicates there are no plans to add proxy support directly in hbc.

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