I normally don't need ri and rdoc, so I write in ~/.gemrc like this.

install: --no-ri --no-rdoc
update: --no-ri --no-rdoc

I want to install them afterwards when I have time. How can I install ri and rdoc files for installed gems afterwards?

# See the relevant help.
gem help rdoc

# Generate rdoc and ri for the "foo" gem.
gem rdoc --ri foo

# Generate rdoc for all installed gems.
gem rdoc --all
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    Thanks! I could install with gem rdoc --all --ri. – ironsand Aug 31 '13 at 6:39

According to chapter 10 of the RubyGems Command reference, you can use gem rdoc to install rdoc.

Here is an excerpt...

Usage: gem rdoc [args] [options]

        --all                        Generate RDoc documentation for all installed gems
    -v, --version VERSION            Specify version of gem to rdoc

  Common Options:
        --source URL                 Use URL as the remote source for gems
    -p, --[no-]http-proxy [URL]      Use HTTP proxy for remote operations
    -h, --help                       Get help on this command
        --config-file FILE           Use this config file instead of default
        --backtrace                  Show stack backtrace on errors
        --debug                      Turn on Ruby debugging

    GEMNAME          The gem to generate RDoc for (unless --all)

    Generates RDoc for pre-installed gems

    --version '> 0.0.0'

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