Did somebody succseed to compile a qtcreator qt project on Ubuntu 13.10? I did see answers on other environment up until 13.04, but it seams the packages have changed and I can install any of the mentioned packages. I need to know what dev package needs to be installed to satisfy the missing link library.


I can install any of the mentioned packages

Do you mean you can't install any of the mentioned packages? Why not?

Anyhow. You need two things here:

  1. figuring out what's the file name you're looking for
  2. figuring out how to locate the package containing that file name

Given that you're looking for a shared library, and you're passing -lGL to the linker, then the file name you're looking for is libGL.so.

Now, there are two strategies for figuring out which Ubuntu package contains what:

  • Using apt-file:
    1. install it: apt-get install apt-file
    2. search for the file apt-file search libGL.so
  • Using the online package search:
    1. point your browser to http://packages.ubuntu.com/
    2. scroll to the "Search the contents of packages" section
    3. put libGL.so in the search field, and select your version (saucy) and architecture

Both of these ways will return three families of packages:

  1. mesa-related packages
  2. nvidia-related packages
  3. flgrx-related packages

The last two are there because NVidia and AMD provide vendor-specific libGL.so overrides. But the one you're looking for is actually the first. So just install it.

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Check /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGL.so and /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libGL.so, they should point to existing files.

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