Let's suppose this is the package name: package com.company.name. How do I change company?

P.S. I saw how to change name but not company. I'm using Android Studio.

  • i started to make a project, and i need to change the company word with another, because this project is for a company. and why use delete key?? where? – Filip Luchianenco Sep 1 '13 at 11:57
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    Possible duplicate of Android Studio Rename Package – Bo Persson Mar 20 '17 at 20:36
  • Just create a new package, then select classes you want to move then drag-and-drop it into new created package, then refactor, this work for me – Manee.O.H Jul 16 '17 at 11:47

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You can do this:

Change the package name manually in the manifest file. Click on your R.java class and the press F6 (Refactor->Move...). It will allow you to move the class to other package, and all references to that class will be updated.

reference: How do I rename the android package name?


current package : com.company.name

New package : com.mycomapny.name

Steps: 1) Suppose you are at this screen which is shown below.

enter image description here

2) Open project pane and click on settings icon.

3) Deselect Compact Empty Middle Packages.

4) Then your package is now broken into individual parts as shown below .

5) right click on "company" select Refactor -> select rename ->rename directory.

enter image description here

6) Now your "company" has been changed to new "mycomapny" and changes were reflected as shown in below figure.

enter image description here

7) Now change the package name in AndroidManifest.xml file .

enter image description here

8) Open app level build.gradle and change package name .

enter image description here

9) you will get errors as Cannot resolve symbol "R" .

10) Remove line which gives this error and studio will import new R file automatically.

11) If you have multiple files then use find and replace option by pressing " Cntrl+Shift+R "

Or " Select Edit->Find->Replace in path.."

enter image description here

12) select Replace All.

  • good answer, but why would you only rename the directory? this is why you get all these issues with unresolved symbol R, etc. I followed your instructions but renamed the package rather than the directory. then I didn't have to change the manifest, R references etc. – Adam Burley Mar 23 at 22:53

This worked for me, from https://stackoverflow.com/a/18637004/127434

Another good method is: First create a new package with the desired name by right clicking on the java folder -> new -> package.

Then, select and drag all your classes to the new package. AndroidStudio will refactor the package name everywhere.

Finally, delete the old package.

  • This worked partially for me, but it didn't fix the "import com.company.foo" statements. I was able to do the latter with a global replace in the src/ directory. – LarsH Apr 4 '16 at 18:47

In Android Studio, you can do like this:

For example, if you want to change com.example.app to iu.awesome.game, then:

  1. In your Project pane, click on the little gear icon ( enter image description here )
  2. Uncheck / De-select the Compact Empty Middle Packages option enter image description here
  3. Your package directory will now be broken up in individual directories
  4. Individually select each directory you want to rename, and:

    • Right-click it
    • Select Refactor

    • Click on Rename

    • In the Pop-up dialog, click on Rename Package instead of Rename Directory

    • Enter the new name and hit Refactor

    • Click Do Refactor in the bottom

    • Allow a minute to let Android Studio update all changes

    • Note: When renaming com in Android Studio, it might give a warning. In such case, select Rename Allenter image description here

      1. Now open your Gradle Build File (build.gradle - Usually app or mobile). Update the applicationId in the defaultConfig to your new Package Name and Sync Gradle, if it hasn't already been updated automatically:enter image description here

      2. You may need to change the package= attribute in your manifest.

      3. Clean and Rebuild.

      4. Done! Anyway, Android Studio needs to make this process a little simpler.


@Luch Filip's solution works well if you just want to rename the App package. In my case, I also want to rename the source package too, so as not to confuse things.

Only 2 steps are needed:

  1. Click on your source folder e.g. com.company.example > Shift + F6 (Refactor->Rename...) > Rename Package > enter your desired name.

  2. Go to your AndroidManifest.xml, click on your package name > Shift + F6 (Refactor->Rename...) > enter same name as above.

Step 1 will automatically rename your R.java folder, and you can build straight away.

  • All good, except I get "IOException: cannot rename (...)" for the main source folder. Simple project, just opened. – kaay Jul 7 '15 at 9:55
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    I use Android studio 2.1.1 . My specific For example, at first, I have info.apachehive.cardview, I want have net.vyhn.cardview. Step 1. Choose tree view source code. Step 2. Click apachehive, press Shift+F6 Refactor\Rename to vyhn. Step 3. Click info folder, press Shift+F6 Refactor\Rename to net. File AndroidManifest.xml automatically change. Then I run debug, my application works well. – Do Nhu Vy May 29 '16 at 16:07

Four steps are given below:

  1. Click on app folder below:

enter image description here

com.new25.impro. press Shift + F6 {Refactor->Rename...} to rename the package and press refactor.

  1. After that one, see the android monitor. That show change everywhere that packagename. Click refactor.

  2. Go to module app:change the application id for you like that name put it. and click sync now.

  3. Now you can change the package name to what you like.


I have read almost all the answers. But I think one is missing. Sometimes I may be wrong. I have used the below method and it's working.

3 Methods to change package name in Android Studio

  1. Select your package and Right-click, Refactor -> Move.
  2. Choose Move package from "your package" to another package and click Ok.
  3. A new dialog appears, says Multiple directories correspond to package "your package" and click Yes.
  4. Enter the new package name except for the last level or last name. Means If you want to rename package name to "info.xyz.yourapplication". Then type down "info.xyz" only leave "yourapplication".
  5. Click Refactor.
  6. A new dialog, Package info.xyz does not exist. Do you want to create it?. Click on Yes.
  7. Click Do refactor.
  8. Right-click on the new package to change the last name. Refactor-> Rename.
  9. Rename package
  10. type new name and click Do refactor.
  11. Delete all old package directories.
  12. Change ApplicationId in build.gradle file and click on sync now
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    For me, this is the best answer. Thanks. – Hasan El-Hefnawy Oct 14 '19 at 13:59

If your company domain / package name is very long, it is more tricky.

This was the missing link for me. You need to select Project files -> settings -> then uncheck 'compact empty middle classes.


1) Open the project folder in Android Studio.
2) Select app folder -> Right click, and select refactor.
3) Click on move. It will ask to which package name type you own full package name and it will ask to create a new package yes create new automatically it ask for gradle to sync.

  • May be you can add some screenshots. – Asim K T Jul 23 '16 at 7:21

To rename the package name in Android studio, Click on the setting icon in the project section and untick the Compact empty Middle Packages, after that the package will split into multiple folder names, then right click on the folder you need to change the name, click on refactor-> Rename-> Type the name you want to change in -> Refactor -> Refactor Directory, then import R.java file in the whole project. Working for me.


The simplest way of doing this would be to rename the root app folder from com.example.MyApp to com.newcompanyname.MyNewAppName and then replace all occurrences of the old path to the new path in whatever IDE you're using.


I found another solution for renaming a package in the entire project:

Open a file in the package. IntelliJ displays the breadcrumbs of the file, above the opened file. On the package you want renamed: Right click > Refactor > Rename. This renames the package/directory throughout the entire project.


I also faced same problem & here is how I solved :-

I want to change package name np.com.shivakrstha.userlog to np.edu.khec.userlog

I selected shivakrstha and I pressed Shift + F6 for Rename Refract and renamed to khec.

Finally, use the same package name in AndroidManifest.xml, applicationId in build.gradle and don't forget to Rebuild Your Project.

Note:- I tried to change np to jp, so I selected np and I pressed Shift + F6 for Rename Refract and renamed to jp, it's ok to change others too.


This might help you - 1) Open a file of your package. 2) Android Studio displays the breadcrumbs of the file, above the opened file. On the package you want renamed: Right click > Refactor > Rename.

enter image description here


Hi I found the easiest way to do this.

  1. Create a new project with the desired package name
  2. copy all files from old project to new project (all file in old.bad.oldpackage=>new.fine.newpackage, res=>res)
  3. copy old build.graddle inside new build.graddle
  4. copy old Manifest inside new Manifest
  5. Backup or simply delete old project


  • that's not the most reliable way, simply refactoring does the job, imagine someone has more complex project, that has styles, dimens, drawables, libraries. This method takes a lot of time. – Amir Dora. Jul 3 '18 at 6:08
  • 1
    It's reliable if you follow my method step by step and it is very speedy if you follow them. Just forget about any complexity and consider you're creating a new project from existing source, then as I can see you don't know where drawable dimens libraries stays, I'll explain to you then you have to upvote my answer. 1- libraries are iside your build.graddle so if you backed up the file you would just have to copy the content inside the new build.graddle 2- drawables, dimens, styles are all inside the res folder. so if you have both projects new/old(package) opened u just have to drag/drop – Martin Jovial Jul 8 '18 at 3:34
  • Sometime refractoring is more complicated than you can imagine because I tried it without success then using my method every things worked like a charm – Martin Jovial Jul 8 '18 at 3:43
  • Yes Martin, agree this is also one way and it works. But it is not the fastest method. Thanks for detailed answer. – Amir Dora. Jul 8 '18 at 3:43

I have not changed any package name. The following two steps worked for me. After doing the following, the application was installed as a NEW one , eventhough there was two applications with the same package name.

1) In the build.gradle

applicationId "mynew.mynewpackage.com"

2) In the AndroidManifest.xml android:authorities="mynew.mynewpackage.com.fileprovider"


In my case when I moved my MainActivity file to the new package folder structure as prescribed... it refactored my AndroidManifest.xml. Finally after checking Logcat I realized that was the issue, and renamed it back to ".MainActivity" from ".MainActivity"


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