I have made an SVN checkout (using Tortoise SVN). Then imported it in Eclipse workspace (placed in a different directory) as Makefile Project with Existing Code. This seemed to work fine.

But it appears that Eclipse doesn't see that this is an SVN checkout. I don't see any way of for example looking at local changes to a file or its history.

Yet I do have SVN plugins in Eclipse. In particular I can browse the SVN repository without a problem.

How to tell Eclipse to work with existing checkout? Is that possible?

If not I could consider checking out from within Eclipse (but will I still be able to use that checkout with Tortoise SVN?). But how to make it to external directory (not a subdirectory of workspace)? How then to make Eclipse interpret it as Makefile Project with Existing Code?


I have following software installed within Eclipse:

  • Collaboration
    • Subversive SVN Integration for the Mylyn Project (Optional) 1.1.0.I20130527-1700
    • Subversive SVN JDT Ignore Extensions (Optional) 1.1.0.I20130527-1700
    • Subversive SVN Team Provider 1.1.0.I20130527-1700
    • Subversive SVN Team Provider Localization (Optional) 1.1.0.I20130527-1700
    • Subversive SVN Team Provider Sources 1.1.0.I20130527-1700
  • Subversive SVN Connectors
    • Subversive SVN Connectors 3.0.1.I20130507-1700
    • SVNKit 1.7.9 Implementation (Optional) 3.0.1.I20130507-1700

And from Eclipse Marketplace:

  • Subversive - SVN Team Provider

In Preferences/Team/SVN/SVN Connector I can chose one of:

  • Native JavaHL 1.7.9 r1462340 (SVN 1.7.9)
  • SVNKit 1.7.9 r9659_v20130411_2103 (SVN 1.7.9 compatible, all platforms)

Tortoise SVN is in version 1.8.1, Build 24570, 64bit (Eclipse is 32).

  • If eclipse doesn't recognize the SVN connection you are missing one of subclipse or subversive plug-in in eclipse. With one of these installed you can also check out from eclipse. And yes TortoiseSVN will be able to commit if you check out with eclipse. – Kai Sep 2 '13 at 8:04
  • @user714965 I have updated the question with more details on what I have installed. What am I missing then? – Adam Badura Sep 2 '13 at 8:21
  • 1
    take a look here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2273548/… – FazoM Oct 24 '13 at 10:42

A few notes that might help:

  1. Looks like your Tortoise SVN is 1.8.x, but your Eclipse plugins are 1.7.x. SVNKit website does state that 1.7.x SVNKit will not read 1.8.x SVN trees. Generally speaking, I think it is best for the SVNKit version to match your SVN version.

  2. A beta version of SVNKit 1.8.x is available if you would like to try it: http://svnkit.com/download.php.

  3. Eclipse has always been finicky for me with regards to upgrading modules and retroactive source base detection. When I upgraded from SVN 1.6 to 1.7, I had to delete my project from Eclipse and re-import it in order to get Eclipse to start displaying the "Team" menu options again.

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