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I have to do a little sub-task clean-up and wondering if there is an easier solution to do this using JQL.

Basically i want to find all sub-tasks that are not closed where the parent of that sub-task is closed. Is this possible?

I have tried to google the problem but the majority of the solutions require installation of a plugin which unfortunately i am not able to. Is there an alternative?

My attempt so far:

(project = MYPROJECT        
         AND issuetype = Sub-task 
         AND status in (Open, "In Progress", Reopened, Resolved)
         AND issue in parent(project in ("MYPROJECT")  and status = Closed)

But there is no parent function.

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It's not possible with JQL out of the box. But there's a free plugin that allows this. See examples listed here.

The JQL you're looking for should be like this:

type = sub-task and status = Open and issueFunction in subtasksOf("status = closed")

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Thanks - I dont have access to add new plugins so that is not possible – ziggy Oct 24 '13 at 15:51
It not free anymore. I suggest… Also i feel sad that we bought half-ready product. It's very rude. – Offenso Mar 11 at 13:12

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