I receive such an array:


And I need to implement a query that has many ORs in WHERE clause. I take values from my array. It looks like this:

SELECT foo, bar FROM tbl WHERE (a.bar = 1 OR a.bar = 2 OR a.bar = 3 ... and so on)

How may I create such a WHERE part in node-mysql? Or how to pass it parameters?


I know this is fairly old, but I've had success, at least with recent versions of node-mysql using this format:

var titles = ['title 1', 'title 2'];
var sql = 'SELECT t.id ' +
          '  FROM topics t ' +
          ' WHERE t.title IN (?)';
var params = [titles];

This translates pretty nicely to:

SELECT t.id FROM topics t WHERE t.title IN (\'title 1\', \'title 2\')

Much cleaner, I think.


simple thing to do is to use the join() of the array

 var values = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
 var query = 'SELECT foo, bar FROM tbl WHERE (a.bar = ';
 query = query + values.join(' OR a.bar = ') + ')';

That will generate the query you're looking for

  • This is vulnerable to with SQL injection. – dashmug Jul 6 '17 at 1:06

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