After I upgraded to Rails 4, the bin/ directory appeared. Do I need to commit this to git, or should I leave it for bundler to regenerate on the server?


According to this article you should add it.

This will generate a bin directory in the root of your application. Make sure that it is not in your .gitignore file, and check this directory and its contents into git.

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    Thanks. Is this specific to Heroku, or does it apply to every host (I'm using Engine Yard)? – Matt Gibson Sep 3 '13 at 12:14
  • I dont know if this helps, but i personally had a problem in the bin directory with the first line (#!/usr/bin/env ruby.exe) where i had to remove the .exe to properly run on Heroku. And you need to commit it to git. – Mini John Sep 3 '13 at 12:17

Here is the message from Rails w.r.t bin/ directory:

In Rails 4, your app's bin/ directory contains executables that are versioned like any other source code, rather than stubs that are generated on demand. Here's how to upgrade:

bundle config --delete bin    # Turn off Bundler's stub generator
rake rails:update:bin         # Use the new Rails 4 executables
git add bin                   # Add bin/ to source control

You may need to remove bin/ from your .gitignore as well.

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