I'm trying to set up a new device, but I can not continue with the process.
I think it's because the target version is 4.3. enter image description here

I know I need to download it from Android SDK manager.
But as you can see it has been installed enter image description here

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    did you restart eclipse after you installed the image? do you have Android Studio installed as well?
    – Emmanuel
    Sep 3, 2013 at 20:38

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Reinstall the ARM EABI v7a system Image and Intel x86 Atom System Image again restart the eclipse I think it will work

  • It workend for me only after downloading both system images (ARM and X86) Mar 24, 2015 at 16:15

You Just close the ADT and open it.. it will surely work. it's work for me.

And check the Target as Android 4.4 - API level 19..


What I have done is:

I'll Android SDK Manager. I have installed the following points; Platform SDK. ARM EABI V7A System Image

For the API you need.

close eclipse

After I go to Windows Explorer. A folder: ..\sdk\system-images And entered into the System image that you use, I can inside a folder called "default" and in "armeabi-v7a" only have to cut and move the last folder where the default and then delete default.

open eclipse

This works.


open your sdk manager and install - ARM EABI v7a System Image - Intel x86 Atom System Image for each API Level.

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