" Player.as, Line 59 1061: Call to a possibly undefined method hitTestObject through a reference with static type Class."

I am new to flash and am trying to make a game, specifically I am trying to make it so the player class in a game can collide with things, I am using a square at the bottom of his feet (not yet referenced in the code) and a MovieClip called collisionTest

    import flash.display.Stage;
    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import flash.events.Event;
    import KeyObject;

    public class Player extends MovieClip
        public var stageRef:Stage;
        public var key:KeyObject;

        //add these four variables:
        public var leftPressed:Boolean = false; //keeps track of whether the left arrow          key is pressed
        public var rightPressed:Boolean = false; //same, but for right key pressed
        public var upPressed:Boolean = false; //...up key pressed
        public var downPressed:Boolean = false; //...down key pressed

        private var gravity:Number = 2;
        private var runSpeed:Number = 5;

        private var touchingGround:Boolean = false;

        public var vPressed:Boolean = false;

        public function Player(stageRef:Stage, X:int, Y:int):void
            this.stageRef = stageRef;
            this.x = X;
            this.y = Y;

            key = new KeyObject(stageRef);

            addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop, false, 0, true);

        public function loop(e:Event):void
            checkKeypresses(); //call "checkKeypresses()" every frame

                x -= runSpeed;
            }else if(rightPressed)
                x += runSpeed;
                y -= runSpeed;
            }else if(downPressed)
                y += runSpeed;
        public function checkCollisions():void
**(this is line 59)**           if(Player.hitTestObject(Player.collisionTest)){
                touchingGround = true;

        public function checkKeypresses():void
            // I used http://www.dakmm.com/?p=272 as a reference to get the keyCode numbers for each key
            if(key.isDown(37) || key.isDown(65)){ // if left arrow or A is pressed
                leftPressed = true;
                //trace("left pressed");
            } else {
                leftPressed = false;

            if(key.isDown(38) || key.isDown(87)){ // if up arrow or W is pressed
                upPressed = true;
                //trace("up pressed");
            } else {
                upPressed = false;

            if(key.isDown(39) || key.isDown(68)){ //if right arrow or D is pressed
                rightPressed = true;
                //trace("right pressed");
            } else {
                rightPressed = false;

            if(key.isDown(40) || key.isDown(83)){ //if down arrow or S is pressed
                downPressed = true;
                //trace("down pressed");
            } else {
                downPressed = false;
  • The line 59 is pretty close to the center of the whole thing – user2736283 Sep 4 '13 at 3:18

Function hitTestObject isn't a static function, so you should call it from an object instance, same to the collisionTest.

So it should be

this.hitTestObject(collisionTest);//set collisionTest in the Player class
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