I have rails 4 app with an admin namespace and a model called Gametime

namespace :admin do
  resources :gametimes

the model is game_time.rb

class GameTime < ActiveRecord::Base

The index and show action work fine. I am having a problem with the new action.


def new
  @gametime = GameTime.new


<% form_for [:admin, @gametime ] do |f| %>
<% end %>

I get this error

 NoMethodError at /admin/gametimes/new 
 undefined method `admin_game_times_path' for #<#<Class:0xae0d74c>:0xae0c2c0

 Request parameters 
 {"action"=>"new", "controller"=>"admin/gametimes"}

The routes show this

  new_admin_gametime GET    /admin/gametimes/new(.:format)       admin/gametimes#new

I don't see why it putting the path as "game_time" rather than "gametime" ?

  • Because your model is GameTime not Gametime, that's why you get space between the two words. – zrl3dx Sep 4 '13 at 9:56

Your model is named GameTime with capital "G" and "T". form_for will assume the route for that to be game_time.

If you want the default route to be gametime, the model should be named Gametime - ie with only the "G" being capitalized.

Internally form_for uses ActiveModel::Name#param_key to figure out that part of the URL, which illustrates the behaviour you're seeing:

GameTime.model_name.param_key # => "game_time"
Gametime.model_name.param_key # => "gametime"

Note how the file with your model is also named game_time.rb, so there is some consistency there.

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