I have a maven project in STS(Eclipse) and I try deploying it to Tomcat 6 in STS. For maven install I use gwt-maven-plugin. Installed war contains all folders (WEB-INF/, META-INF/, compiled GWT frontend folder). When I deploy this project to tomcat (in STS), there are only WEB-INF and META-INF folders in webapps/project folder. Folder with compiled GWT frontend is nowhere to find. In context.xml I even tried to set docBase to installed war, but no difference in result. Have anyone an idea where problem could be?, because now I have to manually copy this folder to unpacked folder in webapps. Thanks alot.


Might be a configuration problem, post your gwt-maven-plugin xml here. Here's mine, just for reference

                <!--                    <modules>
                <!-- instruct plugin not to require open browser in test mode -->
                <!-- compiler speed up --> 
                <!-- must override the plugin's default dependencies -->
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