I downloaded and 'installed' pyzo3 in C:/Program Files (x86)/pyzo2013b, and I downloaded beautifulsoup 4.4 from here http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/download/ and unzipped it on my desktop that is C:/Users/Desktop.

I tried to adapt what is explained here here

To install you can probably use "C:\pyzo2013b\Scripts\pip.exe install beautifulsoup4".

Otherwise, unzip the .gz somewhere, go to that directory and run "C:\pyzo2013b\python.exe setup.py install".

There is no "install" command inside the IEP shell. Not yet, anyway.

... but I was unsuccessful.

Can anyone throw some light on this? (I'm new to python, I've never added a library, yet)


I believe this solution works:

  • adding Python (C:\ .... \python.exe) to the variable environment

  • going to the folder where beautifulsoup4 is unzipped from within the command console

  • running "C:\ ... \python.exe" setup.py build , first

  • then running "C:\ ... \python.exe" setup.py install

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