I am attempting to write a Redmine plugin which further filters textilizable fields (issue description, updates, wiki content, etc.).

I've leafed around the plugin documentation but did not really find a good place to start. The view hooks seem to allow you to inject content at pre-defined injection points. Nothing really stood out toward creating a filter for textilizable content.

The most straightforward way is to hack the code in application_helper.rb and create your own filter function along the same lines of the :parse_inline_attachments, :parse_wiki_links, :parse_redmine_links. However, I do not see a good way of inserting that in a plugin without monkey patching the entirety of textilizable(*args).

Am I missing something obvious here?


One possible way, here: http://www.redmine.org/boards/3/topics/33949

This board topic mentions the caveats associated with view hooks (mentioned above) and offers a workaround or two that lets you change content by overriding views.

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