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I dunno if I'm asking this question right. But basicly I'm making a Computer based test app. And I want to make a mobile app for it. So what I just require is knowledge on how to retrieve and send data to my mysql database. I can't use php since phonegap doesn't support it. So how can I successfully integrate a phone gap app written in js with my backend mysql database. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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what have you tried already? –  Voles Sep 5 '13 at 10:04

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Two appraches I tested and both worked out well:

1. Communication via HTTP requests.

This simple approch allows you to communicate with basically any server side implementation; you could therefore theoretically use a php-server to communicate with your database (PHP code reads get/post request, makes database stuff and then echo's the response).

However, using a Servlet might be the easier approach.

2. List Write your own communication plugin.

This is definitely the harder approch and therefore I won't recommend it. However, this would still not allow you to use php on client-side.

Note: I write my JavaScript code using GWT. Therefore HTTPRequests are made easily.

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