I have a geotiff file which overlaps with a shapefile. To clip for the overlapping part of the tif file, I can do this:

gdalwarp -co compress=deflate -dstnodata 255 -cutline shapefile.shp  original.tif overlap.tif

But how can I clip for the non-intersecting part? That is, I want to create the complement of "overlap.tif" w.r.t. "original.tif".


You can use gdal_rasterize to burn a value where the shapefile overlaps the file. It works on an existing file, so make sure you use a copy.

gdal_rasterize -burn 255 shapefile.shp copy_of_original.tif

This burns a value of 255, setting -a_nodata 255 doesnt work on my version of GDAL. If you need it to be a real nodata value using gdal_translate with -a_nodata 255 afterwards would do the trick.

Gdal_rasterize also has a convenient -i flag which inverts the shapefile.

  • Hi Rutgers... gdal_rasterize is not quite what I want - which is basically a clip of the complement of the overlay. – user702432 Sep 5 '13 at 19:51

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