I'm having problems with this code.. Basically, I'm making a website right now, and when I'm making a Confirm pop-up box when visiting the website, I make the dialogue, no problem, but when it comes to the "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons, they both allow access into the website. What I want is for the "Ok" button to proceed the user into the site, but the "Cancel" button to close the tab. How do I do this?

This is the code:

<!doctype html>
  var r=confirm("If you agree you are at least 18 Years of Age, press Ok. Otherwise, press Cancel.");
  if (r==true) {
    x="You pressed OK!";
  else {
    x="You pressed Cancel!";

what you CAN do is empty the document content and tell the user that he/she is not allowed to view the site's content, you can't close the browser window/tab.

but if you are opening your site from another page using window.open() then open it in OK/true condition in the confirm message in that page else close the window using window.close() in the cancel/false condition

to clear out content

document.body.innerHTML = '';


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First of all the confirm works perfectly. Can check over here http://jsfiddle.net/E43gD/

Second, if you need to close the current tab using javascript, you need to use


More over here How to close current tab in a browser window?

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You can place this script at the end of body. So whenever user presses OK, you can simply execute empty function and whenever user clicks on "no", you write a function redirect him to another page for example

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