I have a public bucket 'wordgamesswf' on Google Cloud storage where objects can be accessed with urls http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/wordgamesswf/linguistics

I need to host the files from my domain so i added a CNAME redirect from wordgamesswf.addictingwordgames.com to c.storage.googleapis.com

I'm trying to access the object at http://wordgamesswf.addictingwordgames.com/linguistics

but im getting the following error

     <Message>The specified bucket does not exist.</Message>

is there something i missed?

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Your bucket name is wordgamesswf and your domain name is addictingwordgames.com.

To access objects via http://wordgamesswf.addictingwordgames.com/linguistics you have to create a bucket named "wordgamesswf.addictingwordgames.com" and make CNAME entry as -

wordgamesswf.addictingwordgames.com CNAME c.storage.googleapis.com.

By doing this, you can use the following URL to access linguistics from wordgamesswf.addictingwordgames.com:



This approach worked for me:

  1. create a bucket as the same name as your subdomain. like sub.domain.ltd

  2. Because it is a real subdomain, Google will ask you to verify the ownership. Simply follow the requirement and prove you are the owner of the domain.

  3. create a CNAME for sub.domain.ltd and point it to c.storage.googleapis.com.

  4. Access your file by going to sub.domain.ltd/file. You do not need to go to sub.domain.ltd/sub.domain.ltd/file

It should work! Also, you can use some CDN features on your own subdomain.


For my case on Google Domains, I have done the following setting and it worked :

wordgamesswf CNAME c.storage.googleapis.com

Now I can access GCS Bucket : wordgamesswf.addictingwordgames.com

via wordgamesswf.addictingwordgames.com/myfile

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