From the Wikipedia page:

"A directed graph is called weakly connected if replacing all of its directed edges with undirected edges produces a connected (undirected) graph"

Is this accurate?

enter image description here

The above graph is connected when all directed edges are replaced with undirected edges.But there is no path between B to D or D to B which violates the weakly typed property..Am i right?

  • What makes you think it isn't correct? It's entirely possible that Wikipedia is wrong, but you at least need some evidence showing otherwise. Sep 6, 2013 at 7:49

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Yes, that's the definition that seems to be used most places. Another wording of it from some graph search documentation,

A weakly connected component is a maximal group of nodes that are mutually reachable by violating the edge directions.


According to the directed graph page in wikipedia:

A digraph G is called weakly connected (or just connected[4]) if the undirected underlying graph obtained by replacing all directed edges of G with undirected edges is a connected graph. A digraph is strongly connected or strong if it contains a directed path from u to v and a directed path from v to u for every pair of vertices u,v. The strong components are the maximal strongly connected subgraphs.

Therefore, yes - the definition is correct. It may be worth noting that a graph may be both strongly and weakly connected.

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