I want to get full process name from struct task_struct. The comm field stores only 16 characters, while process name can be longer. Is there any way to get full process name?
This can be done through by getting struct vm_area_struct from task_struct, and further obtain file to which vm_area is mapped, but this is unreliable.

  • Is it unreliable? That's exactly what the proc filesystem does to return a path in /proc/<pid>/exe. Search the kernel source for proc_exe_link.
    – craig65535
    May 12 '15 at 6:02

Did you mean exe file name? You can get the exe of current process as follows :

char *pathname,*p;
mm = current->mm;
if (mm) {
    if (mm->exe_file) {
                pathname = kmalloc(PATH_MAX, GFP_ATOMIC);
                if (pathname) {
                      p = d_path(&mm->exe_file->f_path, pathname, PATH_MAX);
                    /*Now you have the path name of exe in p*/

Just use current->comm and you can see the name.


printk(KERN_ALERT "THREAD NAME = %s\n", current->comm);
  • I believe the downvotes are because comm[] is not a proper string, but a 16 byte character array which might not be '\0' terminated. The code provided here has a read-out-of-bounds issue, and in addition it doesn't answer the OP's question (16 byte limit).
    – domen
    Aug 26 '21 at 13:24
  • I might have been wrong about '\0' termination in my previous comment.
    – domen
    Aug 26 '21 at 13:41

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