We have a few repo's like :


  • lib:


  • lib:


As you see lib is shared in both sites. Now when I use

[master] git fetch lib

Nothing happens. After that I use :

[master] git merge --squash -s subtree --no-commit lib

Then it starts deleting loads of files that belongs to the site.

If I try this: Update the Library Sub-Project from the Shared Library Remote http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/562950/GitplusSubtreeplusMergeplus-e2-80-93TheplusQuickpl

[master] git checkout lib
Checking out files: 100% (4521/4521), done.
Switched to branch 'lib'
[lib] git pull
Already up-to-date.

Then just checkout to the master, and run the command:

git merge --squash -s subtree --no-commit lib

This just deletes a whole load of files from my site and leaves a few files like its in a subfolder of lib.. Why doesen't this just update the lib to the correct version? and leave the files for the site?

After a reset I do get my project back

git reset --hard origin/master

How can I update the lib?

There is a remote branch setup.

$ git remote -v
lib     https://github.com/***/lib.git (fetch)
lib     https://github.com/***/lib.git (push)

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Considering that you already set your subtree in your app (git remote add subtree_name git@github.com:user/subtree_proj.git) your have to:

1- Subtree split

git subtree split -P lib -b new_branch_to_split where the lib is the path to your subtree project and the new_branch_to_split will only contain your lib code and will be pushed to your lib repo.

2- Subtree push

git push subtree_name new_branch_to_split:original_subtree_branch(i.e. master)


git push subtree_name new_branch_to_split:master

3- Always delete the temporary branch

git branch -D new_branch_to_split

4- Pull the changes in your other project that's using the subtree project

git subtree pull -P lib subtree_name original_subtree_branch(i.e. master)

  • Can I do this just with local branches ? Without push or pull ?
    – yucer
    Jun 30, 2016 at 12:12
  • I'd also be interested in this. I've tried read-tree, which fails for "overlapping" files...
    – marscher
    Mar 29, 2017 at 13:08
  • 1
    Sorry folks I haven't been working with this git structure for some years already, don't think I'll be able to help any further, really sorry
    – Miguelgraz
    Mar 29, 2017 at 15:06

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