How would I do an if...then statement for this piece of code?

  $('body').on('click', '.icon-lock', function () {
        var lockedarea = $(this).parents(0).eq(2);
    $(lockedarea).find('input[type=text],input[type=checkbox],textarea,select').prop('disabled', true);

Right now when I click it, what I want to happen happens as far as those inputs becoming uneditable. However I'm trying to say that if this button is pressed, then this happens. And if it's pressed again, then .prop('disabled', false). However as I'm just starting out, I get confused easily when doing this sort of thing.

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    What does the HTML look like? – j08691 Sep 6 '13 at 18:33

Just replace your current .prop with this:

.prop('disabled', function (_, val) { return ! val; });

You need to keep track of whether you want to disable it or not in some sort of variable. Try this:

var disable = true;
$('body').on('click', '.icon-lock', function () {
    var lockedarea = $(this).parents(0).eq(2);
    $(lockedarea).find('input[type=text],input[type=checkbox],textarea,select').prop('disabled', disable);
    disable = !disable;
  • More prettier than mine) – u_mulder Sep 6 '13 at 18:36
  • Wow! That did it. Now...is there a more intelligent (shorthand) way for me to have written this, or is that good? – bmoneruxui Sep 6 '13 at 18:38

Use some flag:

var isDisabled = false;
$('body').on('click', '.icon-lock', function () {
    var lockedarea$ = $(this).parents(0).eq(2),
        inputs$ = lockedarea$.find('input[type=text],input[type=checkbox],textarea,select');
    if ( isDisabled ) {
        isDisabled = false;
        inputs$.prop('disabled', false);
    } else {
        isDisabled = true;
        inputs$..prop('disabled', true);

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