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In Primefaces 4.0, the syntax for the filterBy attribute has changed. In the demo code they list the 3.x and the 4.x syntax. Basically it boils down to changing :

<p:column filterBy="#{}"> ...


<p:column filterBy="property"> ...

That's all great, however we use a Map in the backing bean, which used to work really well in 3.5:

<p:column filterBy="#{utilityBean.vendorMap[]}"> ...

My question is how do I accomplish the same thing with the new syntax ?

Edit (9/9/2013):

The Map in question returns the vendor's name, given the database ID:

private Map<BigInteger, String> vendorMap;
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I haven't tried it, but does your #{utilityBean.vendorMap[]} return the string "property"? That should theoretically just work fine as well. – BalusC Sep 7 '13 at 0:55
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This issue was resolved in Primefaces 5.0. You can now use the old and new syntax.

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