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(Apologies if this had been already discussed somewhere. I did try searching for but did not find the info)

The Route file defines the following resource: resources :photos

Per http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html#resource-routing-the-rails-default the above statement will define 7 routes corresponding to HTTP verbs. All good till now! But no method other than "show" is defined in the PhotosControllers class.

My Confusion is: As none of the other methods (index/create/edit/destroy/..) are defined in the controller class, if the user types in /photos/new or /photos, etc. which method(s) will handle these request?


Lets take the example of PhotosController#new action.

If you have NOT defined the new action your controller AND you have NOT defined the new view, you will get an error, such as:

Error: The action 'new' could not be found for PhotosController

However, if you have NOT defined the new action BUT you have a new view file in views/photos/new.html.erb, the page is rendered with that file


Actually these requests won't be handled by any method, rails will search/try to use an index method in the controller if a user make a request with /photos for example, if these methods aren't defined you'll have an exception and a 500 error, as you correctly thought.


As Olivier mentioned, if you want just the show event you can pass more param to resources route, like

resources :photos, only: :show or

resources :photos, only: [:show, :index] or even

resources :photos, except: [:new, :create]

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    This is the correct answer. To answer something OP may wonder then, those routes can be disabled : resources :photos, only: :show
    – kik
    Sep 9 '13 at 14:04
  • Makes sense! Thanks Miguelgraz, Rajesh and Oliver!
    – gaur_ab
    Sep 9 '13 at 14:45

Rails uses the convention over configuration software design paradigm, which means it has a way of doing things unless you override them. In this case, rails will render new, index, show and edit views if they exist, even if you have not defined the actions on your controller.


Yo can use custom way.

get 'export/devices' => 'export#devices'
match 'update_company_status' => 'companies#update', via: [:put]

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