I have installed all dependencies related with this project https://github.com/msfrisbie/mean-stripdown.git.

with command "npm install".

and then I got the next errors related only with connect@2.9.0 module:

 npm ERR! missing bytes@0.2.1 required by connect@2.9.0
 npm ERR! missing qs@0.6.5 required by connect@2.9.0
 npm ERR! missing uid2@0.0.2 required by connect@2.9.0 

How is this possible?

  • Given this facts, I have installed this modules one by one and the errors go away. But this is not the correct way to fix this problem. So.... – sergio Sep 9 '13 at 14:33

The module you're trying to install requires Express, which requires Connect@2.9.0, which is unable to find the modules you're listing. Trying use npm cache clean and then reinstalling. If that doesn't work, you can alternately completely remove the node_modules folder.

  • Ok you are right, but the npm cache clean did not work for me. So I installed the Connect@2.9.0 package alone then copy and paste it inside the node_modules folder of the Express module and it works. Thanks. – sergio Sep 9 '13 at 14:59

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