i got this error after using sencha generate commande

C:\Users\usr\bin\Sencha\Cmd\>sencha generate app  senchapp "C:\Users\usr\Desktop\senchaapps"

error after creating senchaapps directory :

[INF] generate-workspace:
[INF] -after-generate-workspace:
[ERR] Unable to locate 'framework.dir' property from sencha.cfg
[ERR] Please ensure this command was executed from a valid framework directory
[ERR] Non-framework directory

actually, the sencha command should be run from the framework directory (touch-x.x.x folder) rather than the cmd directory. With your terminal, go inside this framework folder and then run this command:

$ sencha generate app nameOfYourApp ../Path/or/your/app

hope this will work.

  • thanks for the reply. i want just add that we have to use the relative path for me this path dose not work "C:\Users\nomade\Desktop\senchaapps" and we have to use the framework directory (touch-x.x.x folder) of the extracted folder of sencha-touch-x.x.x-commercial.zip – Nomade Sep 9 '13 at 15:44

Maybe the problem could be that you not set the SDK path:

 sencha -sdk ../bin/Sencha/touch-2.3.1/ generate app App .

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