I'm working in Qt 4.7, and I have a portion of code with signals and slots. It's set up just as normal, namely:

#include <QObject>

//Earlier code...
connect(my_thread, SIGNAL(started()), other_thread, SLOT(process()));
connect(my_thread, SIGNAL(finished()), third_thread, SLOT(some_slot()));
//Later code...

However, when I build it gives an error for each statement saying "C3861: 'connect': identifier not found" Does anyone have any ideas why this may be? Thanks!


If you use connect in code that is not part of a QObject derived class, precede the connect with the QObject::, so the code will become:

//Earlier code...
QObject::connect(my_thread, SIGNAL(started()), other_thread, SLOT(process()));

LE: basically you call the static connect method and when you are not in the scope of a QObject (or a QObject derived class) you need to fully specify the connect you want to call, else the compiler doesn't find it (or it might find a wrong connect in the current scope)

  • that was it, thanks! :) – thnkwthprtls Sep 10 '13 at 20:06
  • Is it fine to use connect in a class that does not derive from QObject? – Ayxan Apr 10 at 16:23
  • @Ayxan yes it is fine. The connection can be made from anywhere you have access to the 2 objects you need to connect, probably that is why the connect function is a static member function of the QObject class. – Zlatomir Apr 10 at 17:54

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