I'm migrating from Eclipse to Intellij Idea. One thing I couldn't figure out yet is autocompletion of the @author JavaDoc tag. When typing @a in Eclipse, there are two proposals:

@author - author name

How do I achieve the first proposal in Intellij (is it even possible?)? And if it's possible, how do I change the template of what is inserted for the author name placeholder?

  • stackoverflow.com/a/34475894/907576 there I propose to vote up Jetbrains bug-tracker issue "Configure custom author name/email/organization to be used in file templates, completion etc"
    – radistao
    Dec 26 '15 at 22:42
  • In IDEA 16.3 (at least) it works exactly as you ask. Dec 22 '16 at 12:34

One more option, not exactly what you asked, but can be useful:

Go to Settings -> Editor -> File and code templates -> Includes tab (on the right). There is a template header for the new files, you can use the username here:

 * @author myname

For system username use:

 * @author ${USER}

Screen shot from Intellij 2016.02

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    IDEA 15 : File > Settings > your steps. May 4 '16 at 19:01
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    How can add the current date as well? Oct 30 '19 at 12:52

You can work around that via a Live Template.

Go to Settings -> Editor -> Live Templates, click the Plus Icon Button (on the right).

In the "Abbreviation" field, enter the string that should activate the template (e.g. @a), and in the "Template Text" area enter the string to complete (e.g. @author - My Name). Set the "Applicable context" to Java (Comments only maybe) and set a key to complete (on the right).

I tested it and it works fine, however IntelliJ seems to prefer the inbuild templates, so "@a + Tab" only completes "author". Setting the completion key to Space worked however.

To change the user name that is automatically inserted via the File Templates (when creating a class for example), can be changed by adding

-Duser.name=Your name

to the idea.exe.vmoptions or idea64.exe.vmoptions (depending on your version) in the IntelliJ/bin directory.

enter image description here

Restart IntelliJ


Check Enable Live Templates and leave the cursor at the position desired and click Apply then OK

enter image description here


For Intellij IDEA Community 2019.1 you will need to follow these steps :

File -> New -> Edit File Templates.. -> Class -> /* Created by ${USER} on ${DATE} */

enter image description here

  • How to specify Date format in the template?
    – nanosoft
    Mar 4 at 6:31
  • 1
    There is no direct way to format date so instead of ${DATE} you can use ${YEAR}-${MONTH}-${DAY} Mar 7 at 13:31

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