I'm working on a Swing application that has to be localized.

For that purpose, I'm using a resourceBundle. It works fine when I run the application from the IDE. But when I use maven to generate the jar, the application starts up normally but the internationalization stops working. Without throwing any exception, I have make a lot of variations to solve that problem; I even have make a class that inherits from java.util.ResourceBundle.Control. The only thing I've achieved to make it work is by placing the properties files outside the package (I place it into the desktop just for testing). I then try to use the same method by specifying the path by new File(".").getAbsolutePath().

Doing that still keeps working from running it from Eclipse, but when I try to generate the jar and execute it, it throws an exception and the application does not start.

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If you place your properties file into src/main/java next to the Java code, Maven will probably not pick it up.

The canonical location would be src/main/resources (with the package structure below that duplicated just as it is now in your code).

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    I have do that but still not working, the most it do i can do in that way is that it gets the default properties, however much i set a locale to the resourceBundle it still retrieves the default, it is curious becouse runing it from eclipse goes well and i can even change the language in runtime, but when i execute it from jar, seems to be no way to achieve that, maybe if i can't get in this way i can inherit from ResourceBundle.Control the only thing then is that i will need to read a file that is inside a .jar, i can do this or place the language properties into the user home folder.
    – wiggin200
    Sep 12, 2013 at 18:29

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