With the recent update, I know that in routers and controllers, I can easily just do this.store.find('model'). However I have some functions that need to call find that are not in routers and controllers. So how can I get an instance store from anywhere in an Ember App?

I know worst comes to worst I can do App.__container__.lookup('store:main'), but I'll try to stay away from that.


The TRANSITION doc says that you can do this to inject the store into components :

App.inject('component', 'store', 'store:main');

You might be able to change 'component' to 'view' or to 'model', but I'm not sure about that.


You can do


If you have a particular attribute to filter with, you can do:

App.Model.store.find('model', {'attribute_name' : 'matching_to_this_value'})

See more on this post.

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    Just for clarity, that's if your model class is Model...or if your model was Post, then App.Post.store.find('post'). This is probably frowned upon but it works great for me! – S'pht'Kr Feb 9 '15 at 11:47

You can try to do


That would wok in a View for example.


With Ember Data 1.0.0-beta.X:

App.YourModelType.store.find("yourModelType", someId).then( 
  function(modelInstance) { 

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