I have an authenticate function. The user is automatically logged out after 30 minutes. I'd like to store the time of login (timestamp?) in the authenticate function. I will then update that time each time a function requiring authentication is called. If 30 minutes have passed since the last call, it will automatically reauthenticate. I'll store the last access timestamp or date in a global variable. I'm looking code examples showing a good way to:

1) Store the date or timestamp in authenticate or last function call in the global variable 2) Compare the current time with last call to see if 30 minutes have passed.


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What you need to do here is to store the timestamp in the session so that it can persist between pageloads. To store the current timestamp in a session just do the following:

$_SESSION['lastAuthTimestamp'] = time();

Then when you want to see if its been more then 30min since the last auth you can simply do this:

if((time() - $_SESSION['lastAuthTimestamp']) > 30*60)
  //more then 30min has passed

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