I have application using nodejs and mongodb. I have used mongoose for ODM. Now i want to log all the queries that mongoose fire during the whole application.

How to log these?


You can enable debug mode like so:

mongoose.set('debug', true);

or add your own debug callback:

mongoose.set('debug', function (coll, method, query, doc [, options]) {
 //do your thing

This will log all executed collection methods and their arguments to the console.

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    how does mongoose format the log. IE I would like to use the second option to let winston log. I like the format mongoose logs and I would format my log w/ winston the same way. – lostintranslation May 21 '14 at 2:38

I'm using node bunyan, this is an option to debug and track queries(may help someone else)

function serializer(data) {
    let query = JSON.stringify(data.query);
    let options = JSON.stringify(data.options || {});

    return `db.${data.coll}.${data.method}(${query}, ${options});`;

let log = bunyan.createLogger({
    name: 'AppName',
    src: false,
    serializers: {
        // ...
        dbQuery: querySerializer
        // ...
    // ...

mongoose.set('debug', function(coll, method, query, doc, options) {
    let set = {
        coll: coll,
        method: method,
        query: query,
        doc: doc,
        options: options

        dbQuery: set

You can also set debug logger parameters:

node index.js DEBUG=mquery

but this will only log queries, not insert or update statements.


You can use the following format:

mongoose.set("debug", (collectionName, method, query, doc) => {
    console.log(`${collectionName}.${method}`, JSON.stringify(query), doc);

or any other logger of your choice:

mongoose.set("debug", (collectionName, method, query, doc) => {
    logger(`${collectionName}.${method}`, JSON.stringify(query), doc);
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    Nice. But how to add color to only value like mongoose debug default –  coinhndp May 28 at 13:24
  • you can use chalk npm module to color, whichever values you want to colorize log(` CPU: ${chalk.red('90%')} RAM: ${chalk.green('40%')} DISK: ${chalk.yellow('70%')} `); – Vithal Reddy May 29 at 14:36

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