I have a string like 46542.5435657468, but i want format this string and need only two charector after dot "." like 46542.54. Please suggest me which String method i need to use.

String.format("%.2f", Double.valueOf("46542.5435657468"));

maybe String.format()?

String.format("%.2f", floatValue);

You can use DecimalFormat

first declare this at the top

DecimalFormat dtime = new DecimalFormat("#.##"); //change .## for whatever numbers after decimal you may like.

then use it like this

dtime.format(your string);


 String a = "46542.5435657468";

output will be 46542.54


You can use a method like this.

private static String extract(String text) {
    String[] values = text.split(".");
    return values[0] + "." + values[1].substring(0, 2);

The method indexOf tell you the position of the character "." ok?

The method substring cut a peace of the string from the begining (value 0) until the positio of the character "." plus 2 digits more.

public String getNumberFormated(String  yourNumber)
   return  yourNumber.substring(0, yourNumber.indexOf(".") + 2);

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