I have created and registered an admin page as a sub-menu under 'Posts' admin menu. But the problem is its coming at the end of the wp-submenus(ie., after 'Tags'),

How to change the order of this custom admin page submenu entry to appear after 'Add new' ?

I'm using this function to register my sub-menu under edit.php(Posts menu)

       "my custom submenu", 
       "my custom submenu", 

Found the solution, just need to add this function to your functions.php

/*Change menu-order*/

add_filter( 'custom_menu_order', 'so_18766477_submenu_order' );

function so_18766477_submenu_order( $menu_ord ) 
    global $submenu;

    // Enable the next line to see all menu orders
    //echo '<pre>'.print_r($submenu,true).'</pre>';

    $arr = array();
    $arr[] = $submenu['edit.php'][5];     //my original order was 5,10,15,16,17,18
    $arr[] = $submenu['edit.php'][10];
    $arr[] = $submenu['edit.php'][18];
    $arr[] = $submenu['edit.php'][17];
    $arr[] = $submenu['edit.php'][15];
    $arr[] = $submenu['edit.php'][16];
    $submenu['edit.php'] = $arr;

    return $menu_ord;

Here by choosing edit.php, I'm targeting 'Posts' menu. You can choose any file that you want its sub-menu to be reordered, like plugins.php, themes.php, tools.php etc

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    Thank you for this! Note for people using custom post types. Don't add .php after the CPT. Example, you have a custom post type called 'book'. $arr[] = $submenu['edit.php?post_type=book'][16]. Using the printout from the submenu is very helpful :D – StephanieQ Jul 13 '17 at 19:21

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