I'm looking for a way to update just a portion of a string via MySQL query.

For example, if I have 10 records all containing 'string' as part of the field value (i.e., 'something/string', 'something/stringlookhere', 'something/string/etcetera', is there a way to change 'string' to 'anothervalue' for each row via one query, so that the result is 'something/anothervalue', 'something/anothervaluelookhere', 'something/string/etcetera', is there a way to change 'anothervalue'


I think this should work:

UPDATE table
SET field = REPLACE(field, 'string', 'anothervalue')
WHERE field LIKE '%string%';
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UPDATE `table` SET `field` = REPLACE(`field`, 'string', 'anothervalue')
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Use the LIKE operator to find the rows that you care about and update them using the REPLACE function.

For example:

UPDATE table_name SET field_name = REPLACE(field_name,'search','replace') WHERE field_name LIKE '%some_value%'
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