In PowerShell I have an array of string objects, and I have an object that contains string objects. In Java you can do a .equals(aObject) to test if the string values match, whereas doing a == test if the two objects refer to the same location in memory.

How do I run an equivalent .equals(aObject) in powershell?

I'm doing this:

$arrayOfStrings[0].Title -matches $myObject.item(0).Title

These both have the exact same string values, but I get a return value of false. Any suggestions?

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You want to do $arrayOfString[0].Title -eq $myPbiject.item(0).Title

-match is for regex matching ( the second argument is a regex )

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    Casting to string worked best for me: $a = cat ./text.txt $b = cat ./text2.txt [string]$a -eq [string]$b returns false because the files are different Feb 21, 2017 at 21:05

You can do it in two different ways.

Option 1: The -eq operator

>$a = "is"
>$b = "fission"
>$c = "is"
>$a -eq $c
>$a -eq $b

Option 2: The .Equals() method of the string object. Because strings in PowerShell are .Net System.String objects, any method of that object can be called directly.

>$a|get-member -membertype method

List of System.String methods follows.

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