I'm playing around with IronRuby. I made the stubs of an interactive fiction game. In C#, I have a Command class which represents a command (name, text to type, and action delegate):

public delegate string CommandAction(string target, string instrument, string preposition); private CommandAction action;

    public Command(string name, string[] verbs, CommandAction action)
        this.Name = name;
        this.Verbs = verbs;
        this.action = action;

I create commands in C# without any problem. Here's the simplest:

this.knownCommands.Add(new Command("Quit", new string[] { "q", "quit" }, (t, i, p) =>
    isRunning = false;
    return "Bye!";

(Don't worry about the three parameters right now, they're all strings.)

I want to make a command and add it to my IEnumerable<Command> list. Here's the Ruby code:

def to_clr_string_array(list)
    System::Array[System::String].new(list.map { |s| s.to_s.to_clr_string })

require 'Meltdown.Core.dll'
include Meltdown::Core

Command.new("Ruby Command", to_clr_string_array(['rb']), Proc.new { |target, preposition, instrument|
    puts "Command invoked with #{target}, #{instrument}, and #{preposition}"

(to_clr_string_array is necessary to convert list types.) When I try to instantiate this, I get a type conversion error: Can't Convert Meltdown::Core::Command into Meltdown::Core::Command. Here's how I do it:

var engine = Ruby.CreateEngine();
var scope = Engine.Runtime.CreateScope();
string contents = System.IO.File.ReadAllText(scriptPath);
var command = engine.Execute<Command>(contents, scope);

The third line fails. I tried this answer to a similar problem, coupled with changing my array into a list of objects. Instead of the instantiation failing, when I execute the command, I get an error that the types are different.

In that detailed error, it mentions exactly the same error as the question in the answer I linked: the types differ only in their context (Default and LoadNeither).

Unfortunately, that doesn't help me, and I still can't figure out how to do this. I've tried also passing my list of commands into Ruby, but I get an error that the types don't match and it can't go into my list.

What am I doing wrong?


I posted this question to the ironruby-core mailing list. Brandon Doot replied and suggested I add:

load_assembly 'SharedClasses'

This solved the problem. The types are now the same as far as .NET is concerned.

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