Is there a way of grabbing the current scheme from a run script phase?

I've tried $(SCHEME_NAME) but it doesn't exist.


I couldn't find an environment variable to use, so I had to develop a work around: write a scheme name to disk in the Build Pre-action and then read it back out in the Run Script phase.

For each scheme you're interested in go to Edit Scheme and add a script with the following code:


Build Pre-action

Next, go to your build target's "Build Settings" and add two "User-Defined Settings":


Open up your "Run script" and add this:


Be sure to add the intermediates build directory to your .gitignore file.

Obviously you could simplify this a bit by hardcoding a file name but this is a bit more robust (and we have other stuff that ends up in the intermediates directory, too).

  • That's a really awesome workaround +1 :) – James Campbell Apr 13 '15 at 10:42

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