I have a large webapp which uses many Maven dependencies. They are included as JAR files, but I want to have a chance to use some of them as an opened project directly in Eclipse. Then dependent projects are linked with m2e.

From some of that JARs/projects, resources need to be extracted.

How can I do that with Maven-dependency-plugin? If artifact is included as JAR, unpack it, and then copy files to required directory. If artifact is included as project, it exists on a harddrive and files can be directly accessed and copied, without unpack.

  • The question is a little vague: normaly you will have a Webapp-project with packaging "war" from the maven-perspective and as an "dynamic web project" in eclipse. Normaly this project wont contain jars but maven-dependencies. If you have such dependencies as open projects in eclipse, m2e will use these, otherwise the jars from your lokal repository. So I can't understand "Maven depdendencies included as JAR files" in your question. Sep 14, 2013 at 11:23
  • All I need is to have some files (CSS, JS) in a specific directory. I need to extract-and-copy these files from JAR or in case of Eclipse-opened project, only copy them. I want m2e/maven to decide if extract-from-JAR is required (=if project is included as JAR or as an Eclipse project).
    – Xdg
    Sep 16, 2013 at 6:43

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The m2e-plugin can neither execute the maven dependency plugin nor copy sources on its own.

You can use the maven dependency-plugin to extract files from jar:


(You may have to change phase or goal for your needs.)

You can run "rightclick->Run as-> Maven install" on your project from inside eclipse to copy the files to the place you need them.

As an alternative for all this you can use a resource filter in your webapp to get resources directly from jars at runtime, e. g. from spring framework.

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