I've long made do with the default XML libraries provided by Java (Xerces2-J and Xalan-J) - occasionally and directly using the latest versions of those libraries when needed. It appears I'm running up against some of the limits of these libraries - especially with Xalan-J that is really no longer being maintained and without a release for almost 6 years...

I need to provide some custom functions to pull information from external services when called, so they must be implemented in Java. (i.e. I can't implement them within the XSLT itself, as either XSLT or JavaScript functions, etc.) I've done this before using Xalan-Java Extensions. However, providing this seems to be either allow-all or nothing:

I need to be able to provide access to a Java extension - but without allowing any arbitrary calls out to Java (think of an embedded call to System.exit(), for example), and ideally, without the XSLT authors even needing to know that it is a Java function (by use of xmlns:java="http://xml.apache.org/xalan/java", for example). Ideally, I'd also be able to keep TransformerFactory.setFeature(XMLConstants.FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING, true);.

I can do (almost) exactly what I'm looking for using XPath.setXPathFunctionResolver, but this only works for direct XPath calls - and I've not found a way to set a custom XPath for use in XSLT by Xalan. (It also requires the FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING to not be set on the XPathFactory, though I might be able to get away with having it set only on the TransformerFactory - ignoring that if set on the TransformerFactory, the TransformerFactory also automatically sets the same flag on the XPathFactory that is uses.)

So I decided to give Saxon (Saxon-HE 9.5.1-1) a try - and am immediately noticing 2 issues:

  1. When just using XPath directly, XPath.setXPathFunctionResolver does not seem to have any affect under Saxon. The set call completes without issue, but resolveFunction on the passed-in XPathFunctionResolver is never even called under Saxon. (It simply "just works" under Xalan.) Is there some additional configuration necessary for Saxon - or is this maybe a limitation of the HE version?

  2. I've looked at http://www.saxonica.com/documentation/#!extensibility/integratedfunctions/ext-simple-J - which per the author, is provided for even under the HE version. It also looks to be exactly what I need - however (like with XPathFunctionResolver under Xalan), I can't see how to wire this into XSLT processing. (This is answered by the XALAN register Extension Function like in SAXON in the question itself.)



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