In netty I create a channel factory as follows.

ChannelFactory factory = new NioServerSocketChannelFactory( Executors.newCachedThreadPool(threadFactory), Executors.newCachedThreadPool(threadFactory);

When a new request comes, how does the boss thread allocate a free worker thread to the new request from the workerthread pool? In which netty class can I find this logic?


You can find the logic in NioServerBoss.class. Following is part of the netty source code.

   for (;;) {
      SocketChannel acceptedSocket = channel.socket.accept();
      if (acceptedSocket == null) {
      registerAcceptedChannel(channel, acceptedSocket, thread);

Part of registerAcceptedChannel:

NioWorker worker = parent.workerPool.nextWorker();
worker.register(new NioAcceptedSocketChannel(
        parent.getFactory(), pipeline, parent, sink
        , acceptedSocket,
        worker, currentThread), null);

The worker thread will check its taskQueue and run this new task.


see here

Boss threads Each bound ServerSocketChannel has its own boss thread.

A boss thread accepts incoming connections until the port is unbound. Once a connection is accepted successfully, the boss thread passes the accepted Channel to one of the worker threads that the NioServerSocketChannelFactory manages.

from How Netty uses thread pools?

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