Can the shared layout view have a controller?

I need to pass it Model information from a Controller?

Or am I missing something here?


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In the controller:

    public PartialViewResult Menu()
        var ChargeTypes = db.ChargeTypes.ToList();
        return PartialView(ChargeTypes);

And then its partial view:

@model IEnumerable<ProposalMaker.Models.ChargeType>

@foreach (var item in Model)

Then in the shared partial view


Thanks for the tip SLaks!


To pass information to the layout, you will need to use a base view model that is used by all your view models. Your layout can then take this base model.

I have previously answered an SO question on this

Pass data to layout that are common to all pages

Which has a detailed example.

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    +1 for a nice approach and thanks for your suggestion. Although, I used my own approach below.
    – Pinch
    Sep 16, 2013 at 17:40

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