Well I'm trying to use the rrdtool in my php code, and rrd_xport does not recognize, and the rrd command as rrd_graph works perfectly follows the code:

  $opts = array( "--start", "-1d", "--vertical-label=B/s",
                 "AREA:inoctets#00FF00:In traffic",
                 "LINE1:outoctets#0000FF:Out traffic\\r",
                 "GPRINT:inbits:AVERAGE:Avg In traffic\: %6.2lf %Sbps",
                 "COMMENT:  ",
                 "GPRINT:inbits:MAX:Max In traffic\: %6.2lf %Sbps\\r",
                 "GPRINT:outbits:AVERAGE:Avg Out traffic\: %6.2lf %Sbps",
                 "COMMENT: ",
                 "GPRINT:outbits:MAX:Max Out traffic\: %6.2lf %Sbps\\r"
   $opts2 = array ("--json","--start", "1378750426", "--end", "N", 

  $ret = rrd_graph("net_1d.gif", $opts, count($opts));
  $js = rrd_xport($opts2);      

  if( !is_array($ret) )
    $err = rrd_error();
    echo "rrd_graph() ERROR: $err\n";
echo $js;
  • Can you check your version of rrd? rrd_xport exists since 0.9.0 maybe your version is to old. php.net/manual/en/function.rrd-xport.php – createproblem Sep 16 '13 at 17:09
  • Hello, I'm using version 1.4.7 RRDtool. Rrdtool xport in terminal works perfectly. But the php code is giving this error – Paulo Vagner Sep 16 '13 at 17:14

Try this :

$opts2 = Array(
    "--start", "1378750426",
    "--end", "now",

Apparently, someone else had the issue :

PHP and rrd : rrd_xport function returning error

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