With Django's normal test runner, you can drill down to run tests in a specific app, a specific subclass of TestCase, or a specific test within a specific subclass of TestCase.


./manage.py test myapp.MyTestCase.test_something

However, django-nose doesn't appear to support anything beyond testing a specific app. How do I replicate the last two behaviors?


Nose supports the following syntax (note : between test script name and test class name):

./manage.py test myapp.tests.test_script:MyTestCase.test_method
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    It beast me why they wouldn't have used the Django standard of using a period... seems pretty backwards to me. – Joel B Sep 11 '15 at 17:29

The correct answer is ./manage.py test myapp/tests/test_script:MyTestCase.test_method.

Using dots in the relative path did not work for me, but slashes did.

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    Does not work for me: ImportError: Import by filename is not supported. – Ivan Rostovsky May 31 '19 at 15:45

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