I've searched all over to find any information I can about this field. I have some emails that are being generated by one of my applications that crash notes each time you attempt to open them. If I compare the Document properties of one of these emails to a normal email, I find that there are many of these fields: $$$FormScript_0, $$$FormScript, $$FormScript_0, $$FormScript, etc.

Anyone know why these fields are generated and what purpose they serve? Just trying to rule them out as a cause of the crashed Notes.



I believe those items mean that the form is stored in the document. Some code on that form is crashing the client.

  • Well, it turns out that the problem was with the form being stored in the document and there being a problem with the form. It all boiled down to the following Call: Call Maildoc.Send(True) 'The parameter determines whether the form is attached or not. I changed the parameter ' to the following and it fixed the problem. Call Maildoc.Send(False) Thanks for the help, MJ – Mike Jackson Sep 17 '13 at 17:49

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