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I have a single page website (one page only). I can navigate with a menu to get to different parts of the page with anchor name, just like (see sidebar):

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Hide the other stuff

I want to hide stuff that does not belong the the current active page part and just show the information of the part that I'm looking at.


  • Can I hide stuff that is not a part of the current #anchor_part with only CSS?
  • Have you seen any sites already doing this?
  • Just with CSS, no. You'll require Javascript. And have I seen other sites do "this." It's hard to say. It'd be helpful to see what you're actually trying to accomplish. – Eli Gassert Sep 17 '13 at 12:14
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Working Example

Try this Html

<a href="#a">a</a>
<a href="#b">b</a>
<a href="#c">c</a>

<div id="a" class="page"> this is a id</div>
<div id="b" class="page"> this is b id</div>
<div id="c" class="page"> this is c id</div>

and Css

#a, #b, #c{

yes you can do this with only css,first creat < div > with a specific width and height and overflow to hidden,then place your stuff in this div beside eachother

<a href="#firstWindow">firstWindow</a>
<a href="#secondWindow">secondWindow</a>
<a href="#thirdWindow">thirdWindow</a>
<div class="window">
    <div id="firstWindow" class="window">
    <div id="secondWindow" class="window">
    <div id="thirdWindow" class="window">


something like above; note that you can use this html/css if you have a constant height,the height of your stuff should be the same.

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