When a certain button is pressed inside my application, Apple Maps is opened. Is it possible to start Maps with some kind of back-button included which takes the user back to my app?

My intuition says it cannot be done, is that intuition correct?

  • You could use Google Maps for iOS. It has this return to the source app feature.
    – Isuru
    Feb 10, 2015 at 4:57

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That's true, there is no way back.

You can use Map Kit in your application, though. See Displaying Maps in the Location Awareness Programming Guide, simply add a MKMapView to you App via Interface Builder.


You cannot change the user interface of another application and the Maps application doesn't provide such "back button" functionality.

You can implement a custom map view if you need only a simple map. If routing and other advanced functionality is used, then you should think over whether it's worth implementing it yourself.

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