I am new to JSON output, I am using Gson parser to parse the output.

I just want the name of the car and code of the truck from the output, when i parse i get the car name with quotes as output, I remove the quotes with string replace, am I parsing the values correctly?

JsonElement jelement = new JsonParser().parse(json);
JsonObject carobject= jelement.getAsJsonObject();
carobject= carobject.getAsJsonObject("Car");
String car = carobject.get("name").toString();
out.println("Car Name:"+car);

JSON output:

        "messages": [
            "For a complete list use showall=true to display 'intersection' element in the Mask"
        "Mask": {
            "NJS": "120950170151015",
            "section": [
                    "NJS": "120950170151015"
                    "NJS": "120950170151016"
                    "NJS": "120950170151019"
        "Car": {
            "NJS": "12095",
            "name": "Audi"
        "Truck": {
            "NJS": "12",
            "code": "TL",
            "name": "TLTRUCK"
        "status": "OK",
        "executionTime": "13"

Instead of using general purpose toString() method, you should use Gson's specific getAsString() method. See Gson API documentation here.

Buy the way, you may want to make your code clearer, like this:

JsonObject rootObject = new JsonParser().parse(json).getAsJsonObject();
JsonObject carObject = rootObject.getAsJsonObject("Car");
String carName = carObject.get("name").getAsString();

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