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I have a code which helps me updating svn:externals property when creating a new branch of a project.

Previously I had an older Tortoise SVN version. My code for svn:externals of my lib folder looked like this:

php/somelib  svn://myotherrepo/lib/php/somelib

Some time ago I upgraded to TortoiseSVN 1.7. Now when I click Edit button, everything seems fine, the path goes first and then goes the URL. But the default edit mode is not convenient if I want to add a bunch of externals. So I click Edit->Advanced to get to the raw text of the svn:externals property ... what? Now all the externals are reversed:

svn://myotherrepo/lib/php/somelib  php/somelib

and my old svn:externals prepared code does not work, I have to reorganize it.

Why did URL and path change places? Did it happen in some newer version of SVN or is it just a feature of the new TortoiseSVN?

I guess, this issue makes many tutorials on the web wrong because now the paths are reversed...

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Why did URL and path change places?

Because authors made this change long time ago (and documented it, BTW)

this issue makes many tutorials on the web wrong because now the paths are reversed


From svn help ps

Use of the following format is discouraged but is supported for interoperability with Subversion 1.4 and earlier clients:


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